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Wycliffe Small Boats Head, 6th December 2008

Unfortunately I have drawn the short straw and been given the job of reporting on the Wycliffe Small Boats Head, so here goes.

To start with I did not realise 5.45am on a Saturday morning existed and thanks to mum and dad for getting Alice and me up and feeding us, although bacon and eggs doesn't quite taste the same that time of the morning.

So we set off picked Yan and Josh up on the way and found ourselves at the car park in Wycliffe in no time at all, closely followed by Mike and the trailer who were completely lost and on the wrong side of the canal. (Think Laura and Ellie were navigating)

We all assembled at the boat house and rigged all the boats for the 1st Division.

All seemed to be going well until Mike handed out the race numbers, the boy's quad was to be 13th and number 113. My dad commented it could be unlucky, Jason's dad said it could be 10 times unlucky as it was 113.

Anyway we were so well organised that the boy's quad, Ellie and Laura's double, and the girls quad were the first three boats in the water. What could possibly go wrong, Tom had Mr BOLT our lucky mascot in his pocket.

So Tom, Jason, Josh and me and Simon coxing set off for the start followed by girls quad Jo, Hannah, Abbi, Izzy coxed by my sister Alice and closely followed by Laura and Ellie in the double.

We must have only got a few strokes down the canal when disaster struck Ellie pulled a muscle in her back and had to return to the boat house hugely disappointed, we all felt sorry for the girls, we new how much they were looking forward to racing.

The racing got underway and we were soon ducking under the bridge and going through the start line, I don't know why but for some reason I couldn't get into any rhythm and let down the rest of the crew when catching a couple of those 8 legged sea creatures( sorry but I cant bring my self to say it ) so as the race went on we were caught and passed by a few teams, I did get it together for the second half of the race but the damage was done and a time of 11.24 was recorded just about good enough to get us last place.

The girl's quad had a good race and gained a lot of experience and did really well.

On to the 2nd Division, This time the boys were in a coxless quad with Yan steering and Jack, Josh and me, this was only our second time out in this boat we were a bit nervous. Every thing seemed to click and we all thought we rowed a good race we had quite a battle with the Avon senior quad and every time they come up to us we managed to hold them off and pull away again so much so we think they tried to ram us on the finish line and said we were holding them up but the canal was plenty wide enough for them to pass us. We ended with what we thought was a great time of 9.59 posted on the board but in the results later that week it was 10.59 which was probably right as Avon's time was 10.04, anyway we all really enjoyed it and look forward to knocking some chunks off those times.

Also in the 2nd Division was Mike racing in a double with Will, we hear he got on so well with Will that he made him sick.

On to the 3rd Division we had 2 boys' doubles Josh and Jack, Tom and Jason. Just to add a bit of fun to proceedings Tom put Mr BOLT up for grabs to the winner and Josh said if he and Jack won he would throw it in the canal as it had brought the team no luck today. Also racing in a girls double for the first time was the 2 Emzs. In the end Tom and Jason triumphed so Mr BOLT lives for another day.

I think overall everything went well and we seem to be gelling well as a team both boys and girls.

A big thank you to Mike, Kenny, and all the parents for all their hard work and support.

Here's to next time (and someone else reporting)

John Hurley

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