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This being the first post I will keep it short and welcome you to the repairs section of the website. Over the next few months I will try my best to update the site with as much useful information as I can cram in, so lets get started with the announcement you have all been waiting for... the naming of the Launches!!

The Results are In

You have spoken and I can finally (although I have known for a few weeks) reveal the new names of the 2 launches we use.


Amazingly there was a dead heat between Asterix & Obelix and Brunel & Stephenson each receiving the same number of votes. It came down to a group of Inters one wet and windy evening to cast the final vote, so the winner is;

Brunel & Stephenson

The vinyl stickers have been ordered so keep your eyes peeled for them and feel proud that you had your say in their naming process

Ongoing Repairs

Inch by Inch

Reported by Andy W
Date 26/02/2014
Report : The toothed foot stretcher adjustment guide has come off on the stroke seat. We will endevour to replace the mounting points this weekend. The boat is currently not rowable.

BK Stephens

Reported by : Andrew S
Date : 31/01/2014
Report : The stroke rigger has a large crack in it and could fail at any point.
Action taken : 03/01/2014 The current rigger has been measured and a replacement will be ordered, until this point the boat is unsuitable for use.

Gordon Groves

This boat was bought as a novice 8 and will be refurbished and made rowable, currently it is not suitable for use

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