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As you may be aware there is a small maintenance team beavering away making sure all equipment at the club is working and ready for use. We all devote as much spare time to the club as we can but just cannot fix everything.

There is a huge list of tasks which need / would be very useful to get done on a regular basis. I have separated these into different groups below. Some need super special skills such as being able to recite "lefty loosey, righty tighty" without being prompted, others require a few tools found in your toolbox... you do have a toolbox right?

If required a downloadable guide will be provided for the tasks. There will be a sign off sheet on the maintenance cupboard shortly where you can tick off any tasks you have completed, I will try and organise prizes for the most helpful member!


Plugging in the cox boxes

Skills required - general handy movey pluggy inny skills

Description - (Photos on the way) Every time you move past the cox box cupboard just poke your head in and ensure all cox boxes are plugged in and charging. There are two types of charger. One is for the VoiceBox (rectangular ones made by MAK). The other is for the round metal cox boxes. I have marked these up;
Red = VoiceBox
Blue = CoxBox

Checking Life Jackets

Skills required - lefty loosey righty tighty

Description - (Photos on the way) The smaller life jackets have a gas canister on one side with a toggle attached. These need to be checked every time they are used. Just ensure the canister is screwed in tight and the toggle is accessible. The inflatable section of the life jacket can sometimes poke out of the side. Just tuck it back in and close the velcro.


Ergs are our friend, no matter how much we may hate them. If we all follow these simple steps each time we use an erg they will row further. I will be installing a locked toolbox in Welshback Gym which will have copies of the tasks listed below and the tools required to complete them. There will also be a task checklist, if you complete a task sign it off.

Daily (yeh right) tasks

Simply wipe the handles and rail with some blue cloth, Welshback sometimes have a spray which can be used to help with this


Oil the chain
Pour a small amount of oil from the toolbox at Welshback onto some cloth, pull the handle as far out as it will go and wipe the chain with the oil. Any stiff links should be oiled further.
Download Guide

Check bolts on the frame and footplate for tightness


Inspect chain and handle for wear, if you are concerned about anything, let us know

If the handle does not return fully or you feel slackness in the chain on the recovery the shockcord needs tightening. This is VERY EASY to do and will take less than 5 mins.
Download Guide

Check for dust inside the flywheel, again this is an easy task to complete and should take 10 mins per erg. Again, the tools required and a guide are in the toolbox
Download Guide

Some other tasks and info, only complete if neccissary;

More comming soon

If you have any suggestions for things we can all do as a club please let me know, my contact details are in the member contacts list

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